OK, so you keep trying to make this ADHD relationship work, but:


  • — you’re angry most of the time
  • — when you try to work through the problems, they only get worse
  • — you barely remember how it felt to be in love with him/her
  • — you’ve both settled for far less in your relationship than you deserve
  • — or perhaps there’s a gnawing feeling that your relationship could be better

Isn’t it time to learn the secret to a remarkable ADHD relationship?

As much as we’d like to believe in the promise of “happily ever after,” enduring relationships aren’t the instant result of an “I do” or exchanging keys to his/her apartment. Remarkable ADHD relationships are built, created day by day, conversation by conversation, argument by argument..

Wait, did you say arguments?

Yes, arguments. Because if you can weather the conflicts, chances are good you can hang in there through the rest of the roller coaster ride that is life with ADHD.

So how do you learn the secrets of getting along when you want to tear your hair or scream at the top of your lungs … or shut down and just walk out?


That’s where we come in.

Victor and I created the ADHD Couples VIP retreat because – with all modesty aside – we have crafted a marriage that exceeds our wildest expectations.

It wasn’t because we came from extraordinary families or had unlimited time and resources. We did it in spite of life’s ups and downs – kids and step-kids, ex-spouses and child support, health problems and career changes.

Over the years, we tried couple’s counseling, weekend retreats, relationship books, Dancing kiss Linda Victorpsychotherapy, fighting fair, 12-step programs, coaching and more. They all worked … to a certain extent.

But it was a combination of all those resources, in tandem with our own commitment to each other that finally allowed us to click into a strong, steady relationship that grows deeper and more delightful each day.



One weekend can transform your relationship.

It took us literally years to master but Victor and Linda will share their best relationship secrets in a single weekend –  three fascinating days of learning, practicing, reconnecting and tenderness.

  • — how to ask for what you want … and get it!
  • — how to find out what you partner is really thinking
  • — how to help your partner better understand you
  • —how to cut through the tension and get to the heart of the matter
  • — how five magical words can change everything
  • — how to listen and “hear’ with love and acceptance (and be accepted, too)
  • — how to improve your co-parenting style (even if your kids have ADHD)
  • — how to have fun together (fun? did you forget to have FUN?)

The four of us meet in the privacy of beautiful GardenSpirit Guesthouse The format of the weekend is a combination of instruction, exercises you do alone with your partner The accent is all positive – Linda and Victor are there to help gently guide you to a relationship that is rich with meaning, friendship and love.

Linda brings the ADHD and female energy to the weekend; Victor brings the non-ADHD and male energy to our sessions

“I’m so glad we found your retreat.
It was comfortable, secluded and life-changing.” – Karen