About the retreat

 Victor and I have been facilitating couples retreats since 2006. Our experience shows that the retreats transform lives, improve relationships and even save marriages or intimate partnerships.

Although we have welcomed two or three couples at a retreat, we quickly learned that it can be more difficult for some people to be forthright and open about their relationship struggles in the presence of others. When one or both partner withholds information or emotions, the impact of the retreat is diminished.

So in 2014, we made a dramatic change to our retreat format. We now invite only one couple at a time to our guest house for a VIP ADHD Couples Intensive. There are four of us in the room: Victor and Linda and the couple who has booked the retreat with us

Our Remarkable Couples Intensives live up to their name: they go deep and wide, opening up both partners to a new way of interacting, a new approach to the relationship.

Victor and Linda are a “mixed ADHD couple” – Linda has an ADHD brain, Victor has a linear (possibly OCD) brain, so we are comfortable inviting ADHD couples into the retreat space.

We learned learned the hard way. It took a while for us to really “get it”.

Trust me, Victor and I struggled with communication for years. Too much. Too little. Too late. Our marriage suffered. It almost ended in divorce court. But we were determined to do it differently this time (yes, we were both married to other people before we married each other).

Thank goodness, we finally figured it out and now we teach other couples how to communicate so that the anger knot loosens and dissolves instead of tightening like a noose around your love and respect.

We’ve been facilitating couples retreats since 2006. We know the issues that face ADHD couples. Although there are seven steps to our master relationship plan, the one that is most stubborn is Communication. Talking to each other. Resolving conflicts efficiently and effectively.

The Communication Intensive is a weekend devoted solely to breaking old patterns and installing new ones that work. The same ones that work for us and have worked for years and years. ??Now they can work for you. Both of you.

Join us in North Carolina for a weekend that can literally change the course of your relationship for the better.”